In search of True Story: A verification quiz show

In search of True Story: A verification quiz show

Reporter: Senait Abelneh

Carsten von Nahmen, Head of DW Akademie told a media panel participants that democracy is a key to enable societies to debate on facts and solutions. Nahmen farther explained about the importance of fact checking and verification of fake news in today’s media environment.

Farther more he said “the continuous flow of lies overshadows the truth that come from governmental sources. Consequently, this trend undermines the whole concept of truth. In this context, there is no chance for democracy and it is danger for democracy|”.

Following Nahmen’s words, Crispin Mwakidw, a Journalist from DW and Myriam Redondo a Freelance Journalist from Spain engaged the participants to exercise fact checking through using websites known as Page transparency, youtube Dataviewer, invid.

Picking sample websites which disseminate news, the participants have tried to do the quiz and check whether the information found in those sample pages is false or true. After the exercise, gifts were presented for four winners.

DW broadcasts in 13 languages, and has been providing access to information for more than 50 years. Carsten von Nahmen told that DW supports individual journalists, media organizations, and provide Master of Art degree in international media studies in 50 countries.