“The true soul of democracy is debate based on facts”

“The true soul of democracy is debate based on facts”

By Frezer Zewude

Maria Ressa who is the CEO of Rappler, a media organization in Phillipines, made these remarks as the keynote speaker at the WPFD event in Addis today through video message.

She joined a panel of discussants who included; Carston Von Nahmed, the Head Deutsche Welle Ahademie; Pansy Tlakula, the Chair Person for Information Regular in South Africa; Soleyana Shimeles, a  Communication Advisor National Election Board and Nabonita Chowdhury who is an editor and show-host at DBC News.

The session discussed the integration between Media, Democracy and Election and was moderated by Shaimaa Khalil a journalist with BBC World Service.

The speakers emphasized how journalists can influence the electoral vote because of wrong information. Also, the following points were raised as fundamental ‘checklists’ for journalists to consider when reporting on elections:

  • Journalists should check the fact before disseminate information.
  • Journalists need to do their job which is researching, truth and fact checking for balance and clarity.
  • Professional ethics should be practiced at all times.